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Whether all switchgear products are available with Mahesh Engg.?
Yes, Mahesh Engg is keeping stock of each and every switchgear products and as such all the items are readily available.
Can materials be delivered at site?
Our prices are worked –out on the basis of ex-showroom delivery of materials. We may however,arrange for free delivery of materials at site within city provided the quantum of the order is fairly reasonable.
Whether the prices shown in pricelist are firm?
Yes, the prices shown in the pricelist are firm, but they are exclusive of taxes , duties etc. which will be charged extra. We can quote to you firm price inclusive of taxes, duties etc. on demand .
What are the terms of payment?
Usually we supply materials after received full payment as per our pro-forma invoice. However, it is negotiable in case of bulk orders or yearly contract.
Does Mahesh Engg provides after sales service?
Yes , Mahesh Engg is having approved service center manned by company trained technicians and equipped with test bench and all test measuring instruments. We may also arrange for unit service at your doorstep.

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