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etaPRO V3.0
An innovative, multi-utility software package
from L&T Switchgear, for easy and error free
selection of Reactive Power Management

Download etaPRO now to benefit from
  • Easy selection of capacitors and reactors
  • Error free switchgear rating selection
  • Time saving while prepairing APFC quotations
  • Optimum step size selection
  • Automatic selection of capacitor-reactor combinations
  • Easy generation & formatting of Bill of Materials in Microsoft Excel
  • KVAr calculation-Easy calculation of capacitor KVAr rating if initial power factor and final power factor are known.
  • Detuned harmonic filter selection-Selection of right capacitor-reactor combination(detuned harmonic filter)
  • APFC panel Bill of Material generation-Covers capacitor selection,switchgear selection,switching device selection.The output gives the
  • catalogue nummbers and MRP of all the items in the panel that can be exported to excel format.
  • Payback calculation-Monthly payback calculation,after improving the power factor to the desired level.
  • Technical articles and presentations technical articles and technical presentations related to reactive power and harmonic management.