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ProductWhiz is a switchgear selection app, designed and developed by L&T. Product Whiz helps in faster and accurate switchgear selection, even while one is on the move. This app also allows the user to share the final selection over SMS and email. Selection-on-the-go will help in saving time and adding convenience.

ProductWhiz currently contains the Type 2 Co-ordination selection module.
Type 2 Co-ordination is the recommended selection of switchgear components for motor feeders such that the entire combination conforms to conditions laid down in IEC 60947-4-1. Thus type 2 co-ordination is more reliable, efficient and greatly saves on one's maintenance time.

The app let the user to select Type 2 co-ordinated switchgear for
• IE1 / IE2 motors
• Star-Delta / Direct-on-line starter
• Fuse / Fuseless short circuit protection

What's New

Presenting all new ProductWhiz v2.0!
* Fresh layout
* Optimized for latest Android Lollipop 5.1
* Updated Type 2 selection charts
* Share the selection through any app (like WhatsApp, Messenger, GMail, Outlook, etc.)
* Direct link to call Customer Interaction Center (toll free)